Imagine This Women's Film Festival

Imagine This Women's International Film Festival's  3rd annual Screenplay Competition will host a Virtual Screenplay Table Readings with actors from around the world. The table read can be watched here



When two opportunistic strangers turn up at her post-apocalyptic hideaway, a young woman discovers a secret that her mother has been keeping from her at a grave cost.

Rain Zheng

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A young party goer flees Mexico as a mail order bride after she kills the son of a drug cartel boss. Arriving at the dysfunctional home of a Texan tycoon, she soon discovers she is not the only one keeping secrets

Sophia Lee

Sofi Lee - M O B - Sophia Louisa Lee.jpg


Set in the 1970s in a working class Connecticut neighborhood, HEAVY is based on the true story of a five-hundred-pound black man who becomes the de facto father of two white boys when their racist, drug addicted mother winds up in the hospital.

Collette Legault

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The Shadow Soul

What would happen if a human had to save an angel?

Kelly Williams

Kelly Williams - The Shadow Soul KWillia


A recovering addict must rescue her estranged son from an “orphanage,” which is actually a front for a dangerous cult that turns children into murderous criminals.

Marisa Forrest

Marisa Forrest - Marisa-Forrest-red carp