Thank God We Finally Get a Story Like this: Why Teens Are Loving Euphoria

Updated: Jun 18, 2020


HBO’s new, riveting drama, Euphoria, is bedazzled with cool.

In case you missed the show that’s getting all the hype, Euphoria, is created by the same filmmaker whose previous movie was one distribution companies at 2018 Sundance fought over, Assassination Nation.

I made a point to see the catchy titled film the weekend it came out. Of courseI was on the edge of my seat because of the plot and power of these women, but the first thing I raved to my friend about when we walked out of the theater was how in love I was with the style. Although the featured girl gang is known for their, literally, killer red trench coats towards the end of the movie, they were decorated with tasteful clashing patterns, dyed hair and septum piercings throughout its entirety. Sam Levinson, creator of this memorable movie, brings back similar themes in this current project, Euphoria.

“A lot of times, high-school makeup is based in reality. In Sam’s version of reality that he wants to depict, intense self-expression through clothing, hair, and makeup is very much the ultimate reality.", Euphoria makeup artist Doniella Davy told Refinery29.

There’s no doubt that fashion and makeup are an extremely crucial component to the show’s draw.

One of the girls, the badass yet somehow lovable Maddy is known for her matching sets. The Cut, an entertainment branch of New York Magazine, even cited her outfits in an Instagram tribute. Along with the clothing looks, is the makeup that I, and probably many others, wish they could pull off on a daily basis. The girls are almost constantly decked out in rhinestones, colorful eyeliner, or popping eyeshadow designs. My Instagram feed has already been starting to fill with funky makeup looks captioned something along the lines of, “Can you tell I just watched Euphoria?” These style choices being seen as a kind of dream that many fawn over and long to achieve, is just one of the reasons that so many people are clinging onto this show.

I found myself talking about the show yesterday with someone I just met, and found myself repeating, “and the cast is just so good.” That’s another part of the magic of Sam Levinson and his casting crew, whether they know it or not. You can’t help but be absolutely infatuated with those playing such dark characters.


Zendaya, who plays the main character Rue, is an absolute score because of her ability to completely transform into a 17 year old drug addict. Followed by her is breakout actress and real life artist, Hunter Schafer, mimicking her character in the show. Barbie Ferreira, Instagram plus-sized model, Maude Apatow, another component of Assassination Nation and other hit films t