Money Heist: What's Happened So Far and What We Can Expect From the Final Season


It’s official, our favorite armed robbers and mischief makers are back. The fifth and final installment of La Casa De Papel also known as Money Heist is set to hit Netflix in two parts, the first on September 3rd and the second two months later on December 3rd . With season four premiering more than a year ago in April 2020, it can get difficult to recall what happened in the blur of gunshots, Dali masks, red jumpsuits, and the constant tune of “Bella Ciao” so while we prep for the future of the Royal Mint of Spain, let us recall the last four seasons and look towards what we can expect from the end of the heist.

Season 1

The voice of Tokyo (Ursula Corbero) introduces us to the series, recalling how she came to meet the man known as " The Professor” as he recruits her and seven other criminals to pull off a legendary heist, the dream team includes: Nairobi (Alba Flores) a wild card counterfeit master, Rio (Miguel Herran) a genius hacker, Denver (Jaime Lorente Lopez) and Moscow (Paco Tous) a father-son thief team and Berlin (Pedro Alonso) as the team’s captain. Oslo (Roberto Garcia Ruiz) and Helsinki (Darko Peric) serve as the team's muscles and Tokyo (Ursula Corbero) a wild card and the show’s narrator. Though before they're able to pull off this feat, they must study for five months in total seclusion on how to pull off the heist flawlessly and gain 2.4 Billion euros from the Royal Mint of Spain.

According to the Professor, there are three rules:

1) No names

2) No backstories

3) No personal relationships

Some rules are just meant to broken it seems, as Rio and Tokyo form a serious romantic connection throughout seclusion where Rio proposes the day before the heist. Tokyo declines his proposal and tells him that the topic can be discussed again after the heist is successful. The next day, the team successfully makes it inside the bank and takes 67 civilians' hostage, one of them Alison Parker (Maria Pedraza) the daughter of the British Ambassador to Spain.

Inspector Raquel Murillo (Itziar Ituño) is put on the case as the official negotiator between the police and the robbers. While The Professor toys with the police, the team inside is busy with the task of printing 2.4 billion euros. Monica Gaztambide (Esther Acebo) who is secretary of the Royal Mint learns that she’s pregnant due to an affair with the bank’s director Arturo Roman (Enrique Arce) she requests an abortion pill from the robbers leading Denver to advise her to carry out her pregnancy. The two form a connection, but after Berlin catches her trying to smuggle a cellphone, he commands Denver to kill her. Instead, he hides her in the basement and the two fall in love.

A spat with Alison Parker leads police to discovering both Tokyo and Rio’s identities and soon Rio is contacted by his parents with a plea deal from the police. Inspector Murillo begins a budding romance with a stranger whom she met at a coffee shop named Salva, the Professor’s alter ego. Trouble within the chain of command leads to the police obtaining Berlin’s identity while Raquel’s police partner Angel (Fernando Soto) grows suspicious of Salva. Alison Parker gets a lesson in being bada** from Nairobi and Berlin reveals to the group that he has a degenerative disease and is likely to die in a few months. A hostage escape attempt leaves Oslo in a vegetative state and the season ends with Inspector Murillo along with the police finding the secluded estate. The robbers give the hostages an ultimatum, either stay and help to receive a small portion of the money or leave and be free. Those who chose freedom are then locked in the basement.


Tensions in the bank are getting high when the robbers are led to believe that The Professor is being arrested. Helsinki suffocates Oslo, keeping the, “death before prison” promise they made prior to the heist. The Professor works on getting out of hot water with the police while Tokyo, Rio, and Denver turn on Berlin after his refusal to enact “Plan Chernobyl”, an escape plan that would cause them to lose all the money. Denver breaks up with Monica, convinced that she has Stockholm Syndrome.

When Tokyo takes her frustration with Berlin too far, he sends her duct taped to a cart straight to the police through the front doors of the bank. Raquel attempts to get on Tokyo’s good side and Nairobi begins to question Berlin’s leadership. Berlin gives Rio a brush with death after his response to Tokyo's exit and Nairobi decides it’s time for the matriarchy to begin.

For the first time, a tv journalist and cameraman are being allowed in the mint, and several hostages are released. Arturo enlists Alison and leads yet another escape attempt, which fails. Raquel pulls a gun on Salva. The Professor devises a plan to get Tokyo back inside the mint and Raquel figures out the connection between Salva and The Professor.