how to fest 

FAQs, and Viewing tips 

Welcome to HOW TO FEST at Imagine This Women's Film Festival 2021!
The virtual edition of Imagine This Women's Film Festival can be enjoyed online via Sparq Fest

How do I log in?

  • Go to the festival page and click on Login/Register. You can log in with an existing Google or Apple Mail ID.


What if I don’t have a Gmail or Apple Mail ID? 

  • Click on “Login with Google” and then click “Create Account”. Once you create your new Google Account, you will be logged into the festival and you can use that login to come back and view the films in the future.


How do I buy tickets?

  • Go to the festival page and click on tickets or the film block banner you are interested in buying. Enter in the number of tickets you want and place your credit card, expiration, and CVC info. 

  • Ticketing page link:


How do I view a film or block that I purchased?

  • After logging in with the email that you bought your ticket, go to the block banner (banners on the left side of the home page). Click on the banner and you will see Watch Now to watch the block.


I bought an all-access or film block ticket, but I cannot watch all the films. 


How do I vote for the Audience award?

  • Once you have watched the minimum number of films, navigate to the menu in the top right corner and select "Audience Choice Voting."

 How can I watch the festival on my Smart TV?

  • Download the SparqFest App on your Smart TV, register your account, and begin viewing! Steps below:


        1. Log in to the festival page on a laptop/desktop/mobile device using Chrome with a Google or Apple email address of your choice.


        2. Buy a ticket to the festival.


        3. On your SmartTV, search for and download the “SparqFest” app for Apple TV or Roku. Note: You must have the 4th or 5th version of Apple TV to download the app.


       4. On your laptop/desktop/mobile device, go to the festival streaming site and log in. Click your profile image(or letter) and select “Register Roku/Apple TV


       5. A 6 digit code will generate, keep this window open.


       6. In the Sparq Festival Platform App, click “Account” and “Registration” in the Apple TV app, or “Login” in the Roku app.


       7. When prompted, enter the 6 digit code from your computer or mobile device and click done.


      8. Navigate back to your festival. You should now have access to the ticket content that you purchased.


Where can I watch the special events and panels?