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Imagine This Prods | Made with ♥ in New York | © 2020 All Rights Reserved

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Imagine This Productions (Inspired by Women Storytellers and Filmmakers)


Mission Statement: 

Imagine This Productions is dedicated to providing women storytellers and filmmakers a space to encourage and develop creative projects by women. With Imagine This Women's International Film Festival and Girl Power Film + Media Summit, ITP's goal is to support women by sharing their work with the public, promoting equal opportunities, encouraging professional development, and serving as a resource informative network.

Patrice Francois is a Haitian-American actor, writer, and filmmaker. She is the co-founder and festival director of Imagine This Women’s International Film Festival, a Brooklyn-based film festival that aims to celebrate and empower independent and aspiring women filmmakers from around the world. The Imagine This goal is to support women by sharing their work with the public, promoting equal opportunities for women of color and the LGBTQ community while encouraging professional development, and serving as a resource information network. Continuing with her mission, Patrice Francois launched Girl Power Film + Media Summit, an informative and inspirational event with discussions, panels, film screenings, and mixers that exemplify the power of women in the film industry. Patrice has recently curated Ladies Rocking the Lens, a film series celebrating the rising tide of strong female voices in local cinema. Her goal is to disrupt the status quo.

Susie Francois is the co-founder and director of development of Imagine This Women’s International Film Festival, a Brooklyn-based film festival. Born in Haiti, her family came to the United States in the early 1970s during the regime of Papa Doc. She holds a Master’s Degree in Human Resources Management. Her passion is to help develop people in ways that improve their working and personal lives and to promote cultural change. Along with her career passion and love for cinema and storytelling, she was inspired to create a platform that would provide opportunities to promote diverse filmmakers and storytellers and celebrate their work. She and her daughter, Patrice, launched Girl Power Film + Media Summit and Ladies Rocking the Lens to continue their support for women storytellers.


We are super excited to introduce our Fall 2019 Interns for

Imagine This Women's International Film Festival.

Halle Roberts

Content Creator Intern

Halle Roberts is a recent graduate of Marymount Manhattan College (’19), for which she is part of the inaugural class of Creative Writing majors. Halle’s work has been published in literary magazines such as The Carson Review and on websites such as Decider.com. Although her background is in writing about film & television, Halle is working towards writing for film & television herself. When she’s not writing, Halle is a tutor for ESL students and students with learning disabilities. Halle is looking forward to working for a festival that supports films by women as diverse as those in her own life.

Kaylie Szarek

Content Creator Intern

Kaylie Szarek is a current junior at Fordham University where she is double majoring in Film and Spanish Studies. She fell in love with film her first semester of college and it has now become one of her greatest loves and passions. She believes movies are the most authentic representation of humanity and one of the greatest ways to connect and create empathy between people of different backgrounds and beliefs. Kaylie hopes to find a career in the film industry that will allow her to promote and support more diverse and inclusive filmmaking that allows people of all backgrounds to have the opportunity to tell their stories. She is looking forward to working with a festival that celebrates and supports the increased presence of women in film. Some of her favorite movies include Ratatouille, Y Tu Mamá También, Roma, and Lady Bird. She can frequently be found at the AMC theater in Lincoln Square. 

Lisa Gaine

Social Media Intern

Lisa Gaine is a recent graduate of the Gettysburg College Class of 2019. There she studied English and Cinema & Media Studies, a combination of her two passions: writing and film. Her interest in film started at a young age as a form of enjoyment that evolved into an appreciation and passion. Knowing how hard it is for women’s voices to be heard in a male dominant industry and society, Lisa sees it as every woman’s duty to work towards a greater societal appreciation for female creators.